About the Dictionary

This Tuvan dictionary is compiled by Gregory D. S. Anderson and K. David Harrison in 1997-2006. The authors retain copyright of the dictionary and its contents.
how to cite: 2006. Harrison, K. David and Gregory D.S Anderson. Tuvan Talking Dictionary. http://tuvan.talkingdictionary.org

We thank our many Tuvan language consultants for their expertise, shared knowledge and generous assistance. Voice recordings by Kheimer-ool Kuular. Translation assistance by Aleksandar (Sasha) Ondar.

Field research in Tuva in 1997-2004 was supported by grants from IREX (www.irex.org), the Wenner-Gren Foundation (www.wennergren.org) and VolkswagenStiftung (www.volkswagen-stiftung.de)

Cover of the Tuvan edition. Two earlier versions of the dictionary have been published. The first in Tuva in 2002 (Kyzyl, Tuva: TGPI), distributed free of charge to Tuvan individuals, libraries and schools.
Cover of the German edition. A second version was published in Germany in 2003 (Munich: Lincom Europa)
Tuvans with the dictionary. Three members of the Khovd (Mongolia) minority Tuvan community read the Tuvan dictionary, seeing their native language in print for the very first time. (Photo by David Harrison 2004)

The soundfiles in this online version were expertly read by native speaker Mr. Kheimer-ool Kuular and recorded by K. David Harrison in 2006. (Thanks to A. Myldyk and Eric Raimy for technical assistance.)

Our Tuvan language and culture research has been additionally supported and hosted by the following institutions:

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This dictionary is a work in progress, and is continually being updated.

We welcome all comments, corrections, and suggestions at talkingdictionary@swarthmore.edu.