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Ак дээр

noun phrase white sky (the origin of the strongest shamans)

Дээр оруу

noun phrase Milky way (literally road of sky)

Кудай / Курбусту / Курбусту хаан / Хайыракан

proper name names of the main god

Курбун сога

noun phrase Orion

Курбусту ~ Хам-на Курбус ~ Азар

noun phrase name of the upper world - homeland of star shamans

Оттуг сылдыс

noun phrase Mars (literally fire star)

Тос дээр

noun phrase nine skys (in shamanism meaning nine worlds of the upper universe)


proper name Yenisey River (literally big river)

Хан Гэрди

proper name name of a fantastic bird

азарлар ~ азар курбустулар ~ хоорлар

noun celestial bodies


noun blessed energy (coming from the depictions of saints in buddhism and from reading prayers)


verb get shaman’s illness (meaning become a shaman) (literally get possessed by devils)

алдын тын

noun phrase golden breath (balanced condition of an organism)

алдыы оран

noun phrase under world / hell

арт ээзи

noun phrase spirits of mountain passes


noun pay for shaman services


noun travelling lamas walking around camps and reading prayers


noun unit of measurement of number of cattle

бора сүнезин

noun phrase grey soul (which stays on earth and bothers life relatives)

быжырган далган

noun phrase round bread

далып каар

verb phrase get shaman’s illness (meaning become a shaman) (literally pass out)


noun smal drum (used by lamas)


noun board cut

дириг сүнезин

noun phrase life soul

доора салыр / каргыш салыр

verb phrase send curses


noun doll mockup made out of dead person’s clothes


noun phrase middle soul (used by Southern Tuvans)


noun shaman drum


noun honorable place of the master of the home

дөртен хонук

noun phrase wake (funeral repast) on the 40th day (literally 40 days)

ийи көрнү кижилер

proper name shamans and lamas who can see the spirits

кара аас-дыл

noun phrase fights (quarells), scolding, scandals (literally black mouth-tongue)


noun phrase black sky


noun phrase black (dark) forces


noun phrase black asronomy

кол/чингин сүнезин

noun phrase main soul


noun mind, consciousness

кызыл тын

noun phrase red breath (the last sigh)


noun Tuvan flute

маанай, мааней

noun paper strips with mantras


noun "birthmarks" - according to Buddhism every person has a certain set of birthmarks of different colors and numbers depending on the birth date according to the Luna calendar

мөнгүн тын

noun phrase silver breath (good physical shape)

мөңге өртмечей

noun phrase eternal universe (referring to upper and under worlds)

ога салыр

verb phrase ritual of burning memorial food in the sacred fire during the funerals


noun grave (literally hole)

оран / өртемчей

noun universe


noun phrase good soul (used by Southern Tuvans)


noun buddhist monk community


noun Buddgist concept of six worlds

сарыг бүрү

noun phrase ritual to remember those who died last year during the ritual of worshiping sacred tree in the fall

сарыг өртмечей

noun phrase middle world / universe (literally yellow universe / world)

саң салыр

verb phrase ritual of making sacred bonfire or incense burner in front of a grave (literally put the bonfire)


noun liver pieces wrapped in interior fat

сунезин ~ сагыш сеткил

noun / noun phrase soul


noun potential

сүнезин оруктары

noun phrase ways of soul to extract the curse out of a body practiced by shamans


noun bloodline (litreally bone)

сөөк салыр улусу

noun phrase people who are engaged in transportation and burial (literally those who bury bones)


noun sack of white color

тайга дагыыры

verb phrase shaman ritual aiming the spirits of taiga

тамы дываажаң ~ тамы тываажан

noun phrase afterlife world for bad people



[tos-karak] n. a ritual wooden implement used to sprinkle milk or tea as an offering to the spirits, in the shape of a square spoon with nine holes and a ribbon

тын ~ амы тын

noun / noun phrase breath of life / soul


noun phrase shaman of sky origin

уруг куът ~ уруг куду

noun phrase soul of a child (from newborn until 13 years of age)

хам хоор

noun phrase female shamans (collective meaning)


noun phrase she-shaman (literally shaman-woman)


noun smoke hole

хараача хаар

verb phrase final stage of shaman ritual (literally closing of chimney (the hole on the top of the yurt))


noun phrase life energy


noun devil (used by Southern Tuvans)

хой буду

noun phrase boiled (cooked) sheep leg


noun wake ritual (funeral repast)

хора үстүү

noun phrase the direction of the harm (unfavorable geografical direction when calculating the element of the birth)


noun prayer service on recovery of a sick person


noun small stones for fortune-telling (used by shamans)


noun ritual of calling on happiness (in lamaism)

хөл ээзи

noun phrase master of lake


noun chosen person who can manage the special stone

чеп аргымчы

noun phrase hair lasso of handicraft production

чер адаа

noun phrase under world / hell (literally bottom of the world)

чер аксы

noun phrase cave (literally mouth of the earth)

чер бурт дээр

noun phrase ending of life (literally earth instantly disappears)

чер хөлезени

noun phrase ritual of ’renting the land" (for burials)


noun phrase master of the land

четкер / шулбус үстүү

noun phrase the direction of thу evil spirits / devils (unfavorable geographical direction when calculating the element of the birth)


verb to fight (literally eat each other)


noun luck in hunting

чонар даш

noun phrase agalmatolite (stone used in Tuvan stone carving)

чурт ээзи

noun phrase spirits of the camp

чыл эдилгези

verb phrase ritual of fixing the birthdate of a person

шыдашпайн барган

verb phrase suicide or death through the fault of doctors - euphemism (literally he/she couldn’t stand it any more)


noun phrase mourning, grave sign

Үш мыйгак

noun phrase Orion (literally three elks)

үстүү оран / дываажаң / тываажан

noun phrase upper universe / paradise

үстүү өртемчей

noun phrase upper universe / paradise


noun phrase upper sky

үш хонук

noun phrase wake (funeral repast) on the third day (literally three days)


noun phrase wooden spoon or trowel used to "feed" (coax) the spirits of dead people (literally three eyes)

өлүг сүнезин

noun phrase dead soul