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Ачыты Кезер-Мерген (Кезер-Хайыракан, Кезер-Чингис Богда-Хаан, Кезер, Гесер)

noun phrase given name of Kezer or Geser - an epic hero which came to tuvan shaman folklore from buddhist mythology, literally - Chopper or Killer of devils and demons


noun given name of surreal creature which looks like a dwarf


proper name titular name of the lord of the upper worlds


proper name the real name of Erlik-khaan


proper name respectful determination of the lord of the under worlds


noun shaman’s helper during shamanzing ritual

ада-ызыгуур салгаан белдир-суг уктуг хам

noun phrase noble shaman of water origin



noun devil

аза чер

noun phrase devil’s land


noun devils (in collective meaning)


noun devils (in collective meaning)


noun disapproving name of a dog (literally - a dog bringning the devil)


noun devils (in collective meaning)

ала чакпа

noun phrase ritual clothes (figurative)


noun witch, surreal creature


noun phrase collective name of devils (evil spirits)


verb go crazy, do smth crazy

амырга (амырга-моос, амырга-чылан, авырга-моос)

noun huge many-headed serpent

арбас-турбас аът

noun phrase shaman’s drum (metaphorical name) (literally - a horse which never stops)

баар дүңгүр

noun phrase shaman’s drum of brown color (literally - color of liver)

баштак шилги

noun phrase methaphorical name of a shaman’s drum (literally - humorous or funny smth)


noun bull

бугая чаяан

noun phrase bull fetish (name of the shaman fetish)


verb become possessed by evil spirit

буктуг хей

noun phrase evil spirits area (one of the names of the lowest world)

бурхан-бөө / бурхан-хам

noun phrase lama-shaman


noun cult rituals

дагылга кылыр

verbal phrase give honor


noun sky



noun version of the name of a shaman fetish


noun Mongolian calendar

изиг тамы

noun phrase a variety of hell (literally - hot hell)

кара дериг

noun phrase black coat

кара дээр

noun phrase black sky

кара дээрден хам

noun phrase shaman from the black sky (world)

кара туй

noun phrase paralysis


noun phrase black astronomy

караң көрнүр кижи

noun phrase allegorical name of a shaman (literally - a person who sees what other people can’t see)

караңгы өртемчей

noun phrase dark under world

каңгывай, коңгувай

noun allegorical name of a human being in animals’ perception

кижиниң кол сүнезини

noun phrase main soul of a human being

куда чайлаар

verbal phrase be very frightened (literally - the soul goes away)

куду чер

noun phrase methaphorical name of the under world (literally - under land)


noun phrase collective designation of happiness and good

куу (аза-куу)

noun devil (euphemism) (literally - grey, pale)

куу дүңгүр

noun phrase grey shaman’s drum

куюң дээр

noun phrase name of the sky (world) which is on the top of all upper worlds


noun seven iron arrows fixed in the form of a beam on the shaman’s coat

кызыл-шокар улу

noun phrase a kind of a dragon (literally red motley dragon)


noun Tuvan flute


noun detail of a shaman hat

оваа хинни

noun phrase navel of ovaa (of sacred site)


verb phrase drive an arrow (shaman technique to look for lost thing)


noun name of a shaman’s fetish (used by Mongolian Tuvans)


noun ginseng - flint of the sky king Kurbustu

орук айтыр

verbal phrase teach a young shaman (literally - show the way)

от чаячы

noun phrase fire - the creator


noun local spirit-master

сарыг бөөрт

noun phrase name of a shaman hat (literally yeallow hat)

соок тамы

noun phrase cold hell

соңгу дээр

noun phrase secondary sky

суг бажы дагыыры

verbal phrase worship to the springhead


noun adj variant of metaphorical name of a shaman


noun phrase two long fly feathers on the top of a shaman’s hat

сүне, сүнезин

noun soul (of human being)

сүнезин оруктары

noun phrase ways of soul to extract the curse out of a body practiced by shamans

уктуг-ызыгуурлуг дээр чаяалгалыг хам

noun phrase noble shaman of sky creation

хам даайым

noun phrase designation of his/her uncle-shaman by a shaman

хам курбус ораны

noun phrase Kurbus shaman world

хараача хаар

verb phrase final stage of shaman ritual (literally closing of chimney (the hole on the top of the yurt))

хек чаяан

noun phrase name of a kind of shaman’s fetish

хой ээрени

noun phrase guard of sheep


noun small stones for fortune-telling (used by shamans)


noun name for one of shaman’s worlds


name adj poetical name of one of shaman worlds



noun sacrificial white or colorful fabric strips attached to trees or ritual belongings (attributes) of shaman


noun phrase collective name for the universe or the middle world

чамбы-дип өртемчей

noun phrase one of the names of the middle level of the universe

чатка, каргыш

noun curse


noun variant of the name of shaman fetish

чаяан дээр

noun phrase variant of the name of shaman sky (literally good sky)

чаяанныг тойлу

noun phrase beneficent mirror


noun surreal creature

четкер / шулбус үстүү

noun phrase the direction of thу evil spirits / devils (unfavorable geographical direction when calculating the element of the birth)

чеък (чек), чээк

noun name of a curreal creature of the lowest category


verb to fight (literally eat each other)

чындак ээзи

noun phrase man responsible (during the blessing of ovaa)

чырык өртемчей

noun phrase figurative name of the middle world (literally light world)

чүглүг бөөрт

noun phrase name of a shaman hat (literally hat with feathers)

ызыгуур салгаан октаргай уктуг хам

noun phrase noble shaman of universe origin

эге хам

noun phrase the first and ancestral shaman, variant of the name of shaman-first ancestor

эдер дүңгүр

noun phrase determination of the abilities of a drum (literally speaking drum)

эдир дээр

noun phrase variant for the name of the shaman sky

эмдик дүңгүр

noun phrase determination of the abilities of a drum (literally unrestrained drum)

эрлик чер

noun phrase Erlik’s land


noun usage of the name of Erlik in nominal meaning to determine the devils


noun genitive spirit-the master of smth

ээрен куяк

noun phrase figurative name of a ritual clothes


noun phrase upper sky

үш каът оран-делегей

noun phrase three level universe