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Бурган башкы

noun phrase God teacher (name for surreal creature of the highest rank)


proper name a version of the proper name of Kezer deity

Кудай-деңгер, Кудай-хайыракан

proper name respectful name of a graciuos god - the lord of one of the levels of the upper world

аза оран(ы)

noun phrase devil’s world, hell


noun devils (in collective meaning)

ак хам

noun phrase white shaman

ак чүве

noun phrase white thing (metaphorical name of sacrificial fabric strip)

ала куяк

noun phrase ritual clothes (figurative) literally - motley shell

ала моос

noun phrase shaman amulet


noun mythical creature eating people


noun witch, surreal creature


noun phrase collective name of devils (evil spirits)


verb get shaman’s illness (meaning become a shaman) (literally get possessed by devils)

алгыш кылыр

verbal phrase shaman rite (the ritual service by a shaman)



noun animal (dissmissive and degrading name for a shaman (literally - miserable creature, animal)


noun ritual of cleansing


noun name of the surreal creature of the lowest rank, evil spirit)

бук базар

noun phrase crush, destroy evil spirit

бурган, бурганнар

noun god, gods


noun phrase ritual of invocation for happiness


noun shaman (used by Mongol Tuvans)


noun the name of shaman-ancestor (literally - my uncle)


noun cult rituals

дагылга кылыр

verbal phrase give honor

дайын дээр

noun phrase the name for one of the levels of the sky, the upper world (literally - war sky)


noun shaman’s staff

доора салыр / каргыш салыр

verb phrase send curses

дүңгүр кагар (согар, улдаар)

verb phrase hit the tambourine


noun methaphorical name for a shaman

дөнен шилги

noun phrase methaphorical name of a shaman’s drum


noun Mongolian calendar

ийи корнүр (көөр) кижи

noun phrase allegorical name for a shaman (literally - a man who sees both worlds)

кагар дүңгүр

noun phrase the ability of a shaman’s drum (literally - drum for beating)


noun the version name of the middle world

кара ыяш

noun phrase tree with black trunk


noun phrase black astronomy

караң көрнүр кижи

noun phrase allegorical name of a shaman (literally - a person who sees what other people can’t see)

караңгы өртемчей

noun phrase dark under world

килең чайыр

verb phrase shaman ritual of diverting anger

кут (куът), кут-чам

noun soul of a child

куюң дээр

noun phrase name of the sky (world) which is on the top of all upper worlds


noun seven iron arrows fixed in the form of a beam on the shaman’s coat



[küzüŋgü, burgan, eeren] n. shaman’s accouterment, made of a flat polished brass disc with ribbons attached


noun detail of a shaman hat


noun gluttonous human like creature, cannibal


adj a way of metaphorical designation of a shaman

моос (см. маңгыс)

noun oftenly used as a secondary component of the compound names of surreal creatures)

мыйыс бөөрт

noun phrase kind of a shaman hat (literally a hat with horns)

оваа хинни

noun phrase navel of ovaa (of sacred site)


noun phrase collective name of the universe in Tuvan cosmology


noun ginseng - flint of the sky king Kurbustu

орук баштаар

verbal phrase teach a young shaman (literally - lead the way)


noun local spirit-master

сарыг бөөрт

noun phrase name of a shaman hat (literally yeallow hat)

сарыг хам

noun phrase shaman using in his/her religious practice the elements from the buddism


noun adj variant of metaphorical name of a shaman

сыры чылан

noun phrase fire snake, dragon

сүне, сүнезин

noun soul (of human being)


noun bloodline (litreally bone)


noun ritual of healing heavily sick people with aim to decieve ill spirits haunting sick people

тойлу сарыг күзүңгү

noun phrase yellow mirror of toilu

торгу тон

noun phrase figurative name of a ritual clothes

хам акым

noun phrase designation of his/her brother-shaman by a shaman

хам кижи, хамнаар кижи

noun phrase shaman (literally (shaman-man)

хамга чүдүүр кижи

noun phrase designation of a shamanist (literally a person who believes in shaman)

хамнаар бөөрт

noun phrase shaman’s hat

ханы дөстуг биле уктуг

noun phrase blood related people who inherit the knowledge and experience of noble bloodline of shamans

хей аът

noun phrase metaphorical name of a drum

хой ээрени

noun phrase guard of sheep


noun wake ritual (funeral repast)


noun name for one of shaman’s worlds

хээ хэп

noun phrase figurative name of ritual clothes


noun adj evaluative determination of a Tuvan shaman


noun summer tent (in modern Tuvan - barn)



noun sacrificial white or colorful fabric strips attached to trees or ritual belongings (attributes) of shaman

чатка хам (чатка-хам )

noun phrase synonymous naming for a kara-kham (black shaman) (literally - curse-shaman)


noun phrase collective naming for curses, actions for evel eyes, spoilage


noun self identification of some shamans


noun phrase variant of collective naming of shaman fetishes


noun 1. fire, 2. surreal creatures

чем дээжизи

noun phrase place for food (alms in front of a picture of a buddhist god)


noun phrase collective name of the middle world

чес мыйыс

noun phrase accessory of shaman hat (literally copper horn)


noun surreal creature

чындак ээзи

noun phrase man responsible (during the blessing of ovaa)

чээк хам

noun phrase shaman-eater (meaning eater of human souls)

чүглүг бөөрт

noun phrase name of a shaman hat (literally hat with feathers)

чөвүрээ көвүрүг

noun phrase the bridge between this and other worlds (literally measles bridge)


noun phrase variant of a collective determination of religion, faith

шамбыла ораны, шамбалаяң ораны

noun phrase variant for the name of a mystical country

шиник хеп

noun phrase figurative name of ritual clothes

ыдык салыры (мал ыдыктаары)

noun phrase blessing of livestock

ызыгуур салгаан чер уктуг хам

noun phrase noble shaman of Earth origin


noun idol in the form of a doll

эрлик оран(ы)

noun phrase (literally Erlik’s country) mystical country in the lower levels of the universe where Erlik-khaan is the lord

ээрен (мн. число ээреннер)

noun singl, pl Tuvan local idol

ээрен ала

noun phrase figurative name of a ritual clothes


noun subjective from the word eeren, for example in the composition of toponym Eerennig-Odek

өрүкү (үстүү) делегей

noun phrase upper world

өскүс ээрен

noun phrase name of shaman amulet, fetish