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proper name a version of the proper name of Kezer deity


proper name a version of the proper name of Kezer deity


proper name titular name of the lord of the upper worlds


proper name the real name of Erlik-khaan

Эрик-ловуң хаан

proper name mystical name of the lord of the under worlds which is more characteristic to Buddhist traditions

ажай-буурул хам

noun phrase extended meaning of the first ancestor shaman

аза хам

noun phrase devil shaman (the synonym of "black shaman")

аза хей

noun phrase devil’s area (domain)

аза чер

noun phrase devil’s land


noun disapproving name of a dog (literally - a dog bringning the devil)


verb become possessed by evil spirit


noun phrase divine moon (respectful name of the moon (literally - the moon-divine)


noun blessed energy (coming from the depictions of saints in buddhism and from reading prayers)

ак буянныг ыяш

noun phrase white noble tree

ак дээр

noun phrase white sky (meaning the world of goodness)

ак чүве

noun phrase white thing (metaphorical name of sacrificial fabric strip)


noun shaman amulet

ала куяк

noun phrase ritual clothes (figurative) literally - motley shell


noun witch, surreal creature


noun phrase collective name of devils (evil spirits)

амырга (амырга-моос, амырга-чылан, авырга-моос)

noun huge many-headed serpent


noun one of the names of the middle world (literally - with juniper)

башкы дээр

noun phrase primary sky

бугая чаяан

noun phrase bull fetish (name of the shaman fetish)


verb become possessed by evil spirit

буктуг хей

noun phrase evil spirits area (one of the names of the lowest world)

булан ой

noun phrase methaphorical name of a shaman’s drum (literally - grey elk)

бурган, бурганнар

noun god, gods


noun phrase divine miracle


noun phrase collective name of god, faith and religion

бурганнар ораны

noun phrase the world of gods, paradise


noun phrase ritual of invocation for happiness

даа хам

noun phrase the main shaman


noun the name for a shaman-ancestor (literally - my grandfather’s uncle)

даг дүңгүр

noun phrase the ability of a tambourine (literally - tambourine like a mountain)

дээрбек дүңгүр

noun phrase a round tambourine


noun tambourine

дөңгүр шилги

noun phrase methaphorical name of a shaman’s drum (literally - bald)


noun Mongolian calendar

ийи корнүр (көөр) кижи

noun phrase allegorical name for a shaman (literally - a man who sees both worlds)

кара дериг

noun phrase black coat


noun phrase black asronomy

караң көрнүр кижи

noun phrase allegorical name of a shaman (literally - a person who sees what other people can’t see)

кежик хавы

noun phrase little sack of happiness

килең чайыр

verb phrase shaman ritual of diverting anger

кудук чайаар

verbal phrase create good (blessing)


noun phrase collective designation of a soul and inner strength



[küzüŋgü, burgan, eeren] n. shaman’s accouterment, made of a flat polished brass disc with ribbons attached


noun gluttonous human like creature, cannibal

огбе хам

noun phrase one of the names of shaman-first ancestor


verb phrase drive an arrow (shaman technique to look for lost thing)


noun name of a shaman’s fetish (used by Mongolian Tuvans)


noun phrase collective name of the universe in Tuvan cosmology


noun phrase a version of the name of the middle world, where the Tuvans live

орук айтыр

verbal phrase teach a young shaman (literally - show the way)


noun, adj dissmissive and degrading name for a shaman (literally - shagrag)

сарыг-шокар улу

noun phrase a kind of a dragon (literally yellow-motley dragon)

соңгу дээр

noun phrase secondary sky

сылдыс орук уктуг хам

noun phrase shaman of star way origin


noun life strength, the spirit of an animal

тайга дагыыры

verb phrase shaman ritual aiming the spirits of taiga

тамы, тамы оран(ы)

noun, noun phrase hell, the under world


noun phrase respectful designation for a dragon


verb phrase direct, teach (young shaman)

хаан дээр

noun phrase name of a kind of shaman sky

хам авам

noun phrase designation of his/her mother-shaman by a shaman

хам даайым

noun phrase designation of his/her uncle-shaman by a shaman

хам ирем

noun phrase designation of his/her gradfather-shaman by a shaman

хам курбус ораны

noun phrase Kurbus shaman world

хамнаар тон

noun phrase shaman’s clothes

хамнарның чижири

noun phrase shaman fight (literally shaman eating of each other)

хараача хаар

verb phrase final stage of shaman ritual (literally closing of chimney (the hole on the top of the yurt))

хей аът

noun phrase metaphorical name of a drum

хек чаяан

noun phrase name of a kind of shaman’s fetish


noun devil (used by Southern Tuvans)


noun a person who invites a shaman to conduct a ritual ceremony of smth smwhere (neologism)

хора үстүү

noun phrase the direction of the harm (unfavorable geografical direction when calculating the element of the birth)

хөл ээзи

noun phrase master of lake


noun adj evaluative determination of a Tuvan shaman


noun summer tent (in modern Tuvan - barn)



noun sacrificial white or colorful fabric strips attached to trees or ritual belongings (attributes) of shaman


noun phrase collective name for the universe or the middle world


noun 1. fire, 2. surreal creatures


noun phrase multiple spirits who give a shaman knowledge and visions


noun phrase collective name of the middle world


noun doll figure symbolizing sign of illness

чүглүг бөөрт

noun phrase name of a shaman hat (literally hat with feathers)


noun image (of illness, evil spirits) used during healing rituals

чөвүрээ көвүрүг

noun phrase the bridge between this and other worlds (literally measles bridge)


noun phrase variant of a collective determination of religion, faith

шенек байлаа

noun phrase accessory of shaman clothes


noun phrase name of a kind of a drum (literally motley drum)


noun phrase name of a kind of shaman fetish

ыдык ок (ыдык-ок)

noun phrase one of shaman items (literally sacred arrow)

ыдык салыры (мал ыдыктаары)

noun phrase blessing of livestock

ызыгуур салгаан хам уктуг хам

noun phrase noble shaman of shaman origin


noun idol in the form of a doll

элдик хап

noun phrase accessory of a shaman costume

эртине тойлу күзүңгү

noun phrase precious mirror of toylu

үш каът оран-делегей

noun phrase three level universe