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Help on Tuvan phonetics

Tuvan Letters Phonetic Symbol English Example Phonetic Description
А а a 'lama' low back unrounded vowel
Б б b 'bat' voiced (or unaspirated) bilabial plosive)
В в v 'vat' voiced labio-dental approximant
Г г g 'go' voiced velar plosive or voiced velar fricative
Д д d 'do' voiced (or unaspirated) alveolar plosive)
Е е e / je 'end' / 'yellow' mid front unrounded vowel / palatal glide + mid front unrounded vowel
Ё ё jo 'yodel' palatal glide + mid back rounded vowel
Ж ж ž 'pleasure' voiced palatal fricative
З з z 'zoo' voiced alveolar fricative
И и i 'evil' high front unrounded vowel
Й й j 'yo-yo' palatal glide
К к k 'cat' voiceless velar plosive
Л л l 'lama' alveolar lateral
М м m 'moon' bilabial nasal
Н н n 'no' alveolar nasal
ӊ ŋ 'sing' velar nasal (never appears word-initially)
О о o 'so' mid back rounded vowel
Ө ө ö Not found in English mid front rounded vowel
П п p 'pod' voiceless (or aspirated) bilabial plosive
Р р r Not found in English alveolar trill
С с s 'so' voiceless alveolar fricative
Т т t 'toe' voiceless (or aspirated) alveolar plosive
У у u 'fool' high back rounded vowel
Ү ү ü Not found in English high front rounded vowel
Ф ф f 'fit' labio-dental voiceless fricative (only in Russian loanwords)
Х х x 'Bach' voiceless velar fricative
Ц ц ts 'cats' voiceless alveolar plosive + voiceless alveolar fricative (Russian loanwords)
Ч ч č 'chew' voiceless (sometimes voiced) palatal affricate
Ш ш š 'show' voiceless palatal fricative
Щ щ šč 'fish channel' voiceless palatal fricative + voiceless palatal affricate (Russian loanwords)
ъ ` Not found in English preceeding vowel is pronounced with low pitch
Ы ы y Not found in English high back unrounded vowel
ь preceeding consonant is palatized (only in Russian loanwords)
Э э e 'end' mid front unrounded vowel
Ю ю ju 'you' palatal glide + high back rounded vowel
Я я ja 'yacht' palatal glide + low back unrounded vowel