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proper name name of a supreme god (lireally sky)

Кудай / Курбусту / Курбусту хаан / Хайыракан

proper name names of the main god

Курбун сога

noun phrase Orion


proper name name of the main god (literally universe-world)

Тенгри / Деңгер

proper name alternative names of a supreme god

Хан Гэрди

proper name name of a fantastic bird


proper name name of the master of the middle world (literally earth-water)

азарлар ~ азар курбустулар ~ хоорлар

noun celestial bodies

ак сүнезин

noun phrase white soul (which comes to living relatives in the image of a dead person)


verb get shaman’s illness (meaning become a shaman) (literally get possessed by devils)


noun ritual of cleansing


noun pay for shaman services


noun wandering lamas tradesmen

бо өртмечей

noun phrase middle world / universe (literally this universe / world)


noun unit of measurement of number of cattle

быжырган далган

noun phrase round bread

дорралыг кижи

noun phrase a person suffering in his/her life of some kind of harmness / obsticle


noun doll mockup made out of dead person’s clothes

ийи көрнү кижилер

proper name shamans and lamas who can see the spirits

кара аас-дыл

noun phrase fights (quarells), scolding, scandals (literally black mouth-tongue)

кара сүнезин

noun phrase black soul (which guards the grave of a dead person)

кара ыт аксы

noun phrase prohibited direction of funerals (literally mouth of a black dog)

карангы өртмечей

noun phrase under world / hell (literally dark world / universe)


verb healing with a help of a shaman mirror kyuzyungyu

меңги эдилгези

verb phrase ritual of fixing the birthmark of a person


noun phrase bad soul (used by Southern Tuvans)

от кыпсар

verb phrase ritual of burning a sacral fire


noun Buddgist concept of six worlds


noun liver pieces wrapped in interior fat

сулде ~ сур

noun spirit, life force

сунезин ~ сагыш сеткил

noun / noun phrase soul


noun potential

тайга ээзи

noun phrase master of taiga

тамы дываажаң ~ тамы тываажан

noun phrase afterlife world for bad people



[tos-karak] n. a ritual wooden implement used to sprinkle milk or tea as an offering to the spirits, in the shape of a square spoon with nine holes and a ribbon

тын ~ амы тын

noun / noun phrase breath of life / soul

уруг куът ~ уруг куду

noun phrase soul of a child (from newborn until 13 years of age)

хамнарның чижири

noun phrase shaman fight (literally shaman eating of each other)

хараача хаар

verb phrase final stage of shaman ritual (literally closing of chimney (the hole on the top of the yurt))

хей куъш ~ аза кужу

noun phrase devil’s bird - messenger of death


noun phrase life energy


noun small stones for fortune-telling (used by shamans)


noun pl young acolyte

хөл ээзи

noun phrase master of lake

чер бурт дээр

noun phrase ending of life (literally earth instantly disappears)

чер хөлезени

noun phrase ritual of ’renting the land" (for burials)

четкер / шулбус үстүү

noun phrase the direction of thу evil spirits / devils (unfavorable geographical direction when calculating the element of the birth)


noun hell

Үш мыйгак

noun phrase Orion (literally three elks)

өлүг сүнезин

noun phrase dead soul