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Кара дээр

noun phrase black sky (the origin of the strongest shamans)

Курбун сога

noun phrase Orion


proper name Yenisey River (literally big river)

Хан Гэрди

proper name name of a fantastic bird

аза чери

noun phrase hell (literally land of devils)

азарлар ~ азар курбустулар ~ хоорлар

noun celestial bodies

ак аас-дыл / аас-дыл

noun phrase envy, slander (lterally white mouth-tongue)

аржаан ээзи

noun phrase master of the spring water


noun pl half-gods living in the higher world of sansara


noun travelling lamas walking around camps and reading prayers

бора сүнезин

noun phrase grey soul (which stays on earth and bothers life relatives)

бурхан-бөө / бурхан-хам

noun phrase lama-shaman

дириг сүнезин

noun phrase life soul

доора салыр / каргыш салыр

verb phrase send curses

дорралыг кижи

noun phrase a person suffering in his/her life of some kind of harmness / obsticle


noun doll mockup made out of dead person’s clothes


noun phrase middle soul (used by Southern Tuvans)

кара сүнезин

noun phrase black soul (which guards the grave of a dead person)

кара ыт аксы

noun phrase prohibited direction of funerals (literally mouth of a black dog)

кол/чингин сүнезин

noun phrase main soul


noun mind, consciousness


noun phrase lama-astrologer

мөңге өртмечей

noun phrase eternal universe (referring to upper and under worlds)


noun grave (literally hole)

оран / өртемчей

noun universe

от кыпсар

verb phrase ritual of burning a sacral fire


noun defenders of teaching (Buddist faith)

сулде ~ сур

noun spirit, life force


noun bloodline (litreally bone)

тайга дагыыры

verb phrase shaman ritual aiming the spirits of taiga

тамы дываажаң ~ тамы тываажан

noun phrase afterlife world for bad people


noun phrase shaman of sky origin


noun phrase she-shaman (literally shaman-woman)

хамның эдеринчилери

noun phrase shaman’s fellow travellers (referring collectively to all mythical-spiritual beings with whom a shaman may interact)


noun smoke hole

хей куъш ~ аза кужу

noun phrase devil’s bird - messenger of death


noun phrase life energy


noun wake ritual (funeral repast)

хора үстүү

noun phrase the direction of the harm (unfavorable geografical direction when calculating the element of the birth)


noun ritual of calling on happiness (in lamaism)

хөл ээзи

noun phrase master of lake


noun phrase special stone (used to see the spirits even by ordinary people)

чонар даш

noun phrase agalmatolite (stone used in Tuvan stone carving)


noun doll figure symbolizing sign of illness

шамбал дываажаң ~ шамбал тываажан

noun phrase afterlife world for good people (Shambala)

үстүү оран / дываажаң / тываажан

noun phrase upper universe / paradise


noun phrase upper sky


noun phrase wooden spoon or trowel used to "feed" (coax) the spirits of dead people (literally three eyes)


noun destination and deeds

өлүг сүнезин

noun phrase dead soul