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noun given name of surreal creature which looks like a dwarf

Кезер-Чингис Богда-хаан

proper name a version of the proper name of Kezer deity


proper name titular name of the lord of the under worlds


noun devils (in collective meaning)


noun disapproving name of a dog (literally - a dog bringning the devil)


noun phrase divine moon (respectful name of the moon (literally - the moon-divine)

ак дээр

noun phrase white sky (meaning the world of goodness)

алдын делегей

noun phrase the world (literally - golden world)

амырга (амырга-моос, амырга-чылан, авырга-моос)

noun huge many-headed serpent


noun bull


noun allegorical name of the upper world, literally - cloudy)


verb give god smth’s soul, die

бурхан-бөө / бурхан-хам

noun phrase lama-shaman

дарган хам

noun phrase shaman ancestor, the first and the strongest shaman



noun shaman’s drum

дөңгүр шилги

noun phrase methaphorical name of a shaman’s drum (literally - bald)

кагар дүңгүр

noun phrase the ability of a shaman’s drum (literally - drum for beating)

калчаа дүңгүр

noun phrase the characteristic of a shaman’s drum (literally - furious drum)


noun phrase black asronomy


noun phrase spiritual name of the sky


noun phrase collective designation of happiness and good

кызыл дүңгүр

noun phrase red drum

кымзар бөөрт

noun phrase a kind of a shaman hat



[küzüŋgü, burgan, eeren] n. shaman’s accouterment, made of a flat polished brass disc with ribbons attached

огбе хам

noun phrase one of the names of shaman-first ancestor


verb phrase drive an arrow (shaman technique to look for lost thing)

орук айтыр

verbal phrase teach a young shaman (literally - show the way)

салгал дамчаан дээрлерден уктуг хам

noun phrase hereditary shaman of sky origin

сарыг өртемчей

noun phrase middle world (literally yeallow world)

торгу тон

noun phrase figurative name of a ritual clothes

тос эртине

noun phrase nine jewels (which were put in the ground hole while building ovaa - a sacred site)

түмен хам

noun phrase variant of a name for shaman-first ancestor


noun allegorical name of a person (human being), who lives in the middle world

улуг башкы (см. Бурган-башкы)

noun phrase god-teacher (literally big teacher)

хаан дээр

noun phrase name of a kind of shaman sky

хам адам

noun phrase designation of his/her father-shaman by a shaman

хам ирем

noun phrase designation of his/her gradfather-shaman by a shaman

хам шуваганчы

noun phrase old female shaman

хамга чүдүүр кижи

noun phrase designation of a shamanist (literally a person who believes in shaman)

хамчыргы кижи

noun phrase a person practicing shamanism, a person with makings of a shaman

хей аът

noun phrase metaphorical name of a drum



noun sacrificial white or colorful fabric strips attached to trees or ritual belongings (attributes) of shaman

чамбы-дип өртемчей

noun phrase one of the names of the middle level of the universe

чаяакчы хам, чаяачы хам

noun phrase shaman-creator

шамбала, шамбыла

noun name of a mystical country

шенек байлаа

noun phrase accessory of shaman clothes

шо ~ шо-төлге

noun buddhist fortune telling on bones

элдик хап

noun phrase accessory of a shaman costume

ээрен куяк

noun phrase figurative name of a ritual clothes


noun subjective from the word eeren, for example in the composition of toponym Eerennig-Odek